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References and use


  • various granular materials (fertilisers, plastics)
  • solid fuel (wood, coal)
  • chemicals (cold, hot)
  • explosive powders (soot, coal dust)
  • organic powder and explosive materials
  • power industry ash (cold, hot, bottom ash, ash from filters)
  • free sludge, vault forming and hygroscopic materials
  • mining industry
  • foundries
  • ceramic materials, glass, dry mortars


  • animal food (corn, grinded food)
  • sugar beet chips
  • sugar (granulated, powdered)
  • flour, bone meal
  • cocoa, coffee (beans, powder)
  • meat products
  • tobacco industry
  • kitchen salt (rock, grinded)
  • detergents


  • unloading/transhipment of loads in freight cars
  • transportation of ash from electric filters
  • transportation of bottom ash from fluid bed boilers


Banská BystricaSMREČINA, transport of wooden chips
BratislavaSLOVNAFT, transport of fly ash
BratislavaLETISKO M.R.Š., luggage conveyors
ČakanyZEDA, gravel land “Turnkey”
Dubnica nad VahomMETALURG STEEL, mold making carousel
HarmanecSHP HARMANEC, transport of paper products
KošiceKOSIT, municipal waste conveyors, ILD, screw conveyors
Lietavská LúčkaCement plant, limestone screw conveyors
MalackyIKEA roller conveyors
NovákyNCHZ, chain and belt conveyors
PodbrezováŽELEIARNE Podbrezová, roller conveyor
PoltárSLOVGLASS lime chain conveyor
Pusté UľanyCOLAS, gravel land “Turnkey”
SereďMACHTRADE, chain conveyors
Šajdíkové HumenceKERKOSAND, belt conveyors
ŠaľaDUSLO, transport routes of the central packing line, DUSLO, chain conveyors
Žiar nad HronomHYDRO EXTRUSIONS, roller conveyors


Břeclav (Czech Republic)FOSFA, chain conveyor
Graz (Austria)IHF, luggage lifts, DAKAR airport
Heerhugowaard (Netherlands)N.M. Heilig, screw conveyors for plastic
Hodonín (Czech Republic)ZDP, chain conveyor
Lacq (France)BIOLACQ, belt conveyors
Přerov (Czech Republic)PSP, belt conveyor
Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)ASTRA MINING, limestone and limestone transport routes
Satka (Russia-Ural)INTOCAST, magnesite processing plant, "Turnkey"
Tisová (Czech Republic)POWER PLANT, chain conveyors for fly ash
Třinec (Czech Republic)TŔINECKÉ ŽELEZIARNE, chain conveyor for fly ash
Uzhgorod (Ukraine)HENKEL, belt conveyors
Vilnius (Lithuania)EKOBANA, conveyor belt, EKOBANA, high capacity stirrer for Kazakhstan